Chipmunk Enclosure guide

Features of squirrel
A sweet appearance that lets cheeks bulge and eats nuts.
Squirrel there is a bag that cheek pouch (cheek bag) in the mouth, will be used to carry the nuts that collected up to nest.
Acorns can be spread enough to fit right and left 3 by one.
Cute tail has a role to balance the body
Making it easier to cut so as to be able to outrun when it was attacked by a foreign enemy. Do not get the tail on absolutely.

Squirrel’s food
Squirrels eat grilled nuts such as acorns with the forefoot.
In fact, in the omnivorous, grass and tree roots, mushrooms, insects, caterpillars and small frogs, also eat, such as eggs of birds.
Squirrel chipmunk park’re, sunflower seeds are favorite food! !
Give a lot of sunflower seeds!
Maybe squirrel Once you have be willing to eat riding a hand! !

Squirrel house
Squirrels are daytime and live alone.
In order to protect themselves from the enemy is usually, make a nest dug a hole in the cavity and soil of wood, we live in it.
To squirrel park, you can see several small holes in the ground.
Be that squirrel is sleeping in it maybe